Thursday, December 17, 2015

Yeah, no.

Not so much.

I did not get one thing quilty in nature played with, finished, progressed on...nada.  I know I said yesterday that I intended to.  I didn't lie, it just didn't happen.

On the plus side: Karl is one happy young man, so I suppose that counts for something.  I asked him, one last time, if there was anything specific he would like for Christmas, to which he responded he would like a ride to Micro Center (computer/nerd heaven, if you've never been to one) so he could get a new graphics card for his computer.

Long story short - we cruised to 'nerd Mecca' where a fairly informed (but indifferent) employee helped explain the difference between what Karl wanted and what was really necessary to make his computer work better.  Of course, it was a bit more money, but it was necessary for the performance of the whole unit.  Sadly, the new processor wasn't totally compatible with the new motherboard, so we had to drive back a second time to purchase a missing piece to the puzzle (a new hard drive).  We could have gotten away with a simple card/cable to make the connection from old-to-new-to-new, but we would have been back in a month or two when one of the old, overworked pieces decided to crap out.

And that's why there is nothing quilt-worthy to show.

Should-a just said: "My dog ate it."

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