Sunday, December 20, 2015

Up with the sun

Hobbes and I lounged in bed until I could no longer remain horizontal, and she could no longer remain awake.

Slipping out of bed, I turned on the lights and went to work.  Somehow, I managed to replace about five of yesterday's inches before making finding another dozen or so.  Hard to believe but G7 hasn't been touched since the eleventh of this month.  How is that even possible!?!?!?  The spiderwebs were thick, let me tell you.

Happily, the light is brilliant this morning, and after having a glass of chocolate milk, I am eagerly heading back down for a little more fun.  Before too much longer, I will need to dash out and take care of something else... so VG will be back on hold.

Admittedly, the time spent straightening and locating buried yardage has proven to be a boon.  The count is 55 pieces strong at the moment, and I am nearing the chance to begin G8.  I don't usually feel excited until I am well past the halfway mark on any block, but I am excited right now.

What slice of happiness are you enjoying today?

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