Saturday, December 12, 2015

I was feeling pretty good until daylight showed up

Managed to clean up the table - well, not the entire mess on the table, but more than none at that counts, right?  Sorted, pre-cut, and manhandled yard upon yard of mountainous material.  That activity created a little more elbow room on the work surface, but just barely.

There is still a need for more room.
And more neat.
And more 'taming of the mess' to cull out the color selection that already exists.

It's just, in its present state, you wouldn't know that underneath all of the madness there is a method to it all.

I suppose I know there is a good deal more cleaning that should be done before I can really get back to the piecing.  In all honesty, I am usually mad at myself about one thousand pieces later, when I unearth something I could have used to perfection, and I just didn't find it at the correct time.  I cannot (should not) let laziness and overeagerness stand in the way of doing the best job possible.

Besides, there's an ironing board and a chair I haven't found, yet.  At least, I think there is.

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