Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My sewing corner is buried

It's not dead, just inaccessible at the moment.

I got the crazy notion that I wanted to rearrange the lower level, and then I got a quarter of the way through the process and..........thbbppppt - ran out of steam.

Now, there's a chair stuffed into the open space of my beloved sewing corner, and other things piled on top (clean laundry, mostly) and in front of it, making room for the procession of furniture needing rearranging (and making it impossible for me to enter).

I also let myself become too absorbed in the gardening, plus I allow myself to become distracted in other ways (when gardening time is ended on any given day), then there goes my focus and desire.If you don't read my other blog, this is my overwhelming project. Once completely COVERED with weeds, now it's looking pretty good!

NO! Wait - that's wrong. My desire is not gone, it's just done in by exhaustion and big ideas. Oh, and fear. The fear of picking up and carrying on with the wrong next task. That leads to recrimination and self-chastising for wasting time doing the wrong thing.

Oh bother!

OK, plan. When I come indoors today, after playing in the dirt, I bring the shovel with me and dig out my corner and weed - er, I mean...continue rearranging the indoor spaces. I will reclaim my sewing space!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little May vacation

Boy, I hadn't realized that nothing had been written in May, but then I also haven't quilted since April, either!


I was working a Scripty job from the end of April through all of May, and I would be working on another film gig right now....but I turned it down. (That's right, I was hired and I said "no.")

Yea and boo!

I had to (for several reasons), but I will not go into it at all here. Suffice to say I have been enjoying my down time in many productive ways, and while I miss working (the pace, the energy, the cash - inadequate though it $$ may be), I had several things I needed to attend to that would have been a larger problem had I not made the decision I did.

Did you follow that? Did that make any sense? Anyhow, I've begun a small sidetrack project for one of my sons.

Brian made himself a chainmail 'suit' (I'm sure that isn't the right word for his creation), but he needs a gambeson to wear underneath it. Once it is done, there will be a photo of the finished product and an image of Bud in it under his chainmail. This kid is gonna roast! But, he loves his Renaissance - has ever since his first Ren Festival - and if I can help him enjoy it in any way...then I am there for him.

More real quilting soon.