Sunday, December 27, 2015

Drawing to a close

The blogger challenge is drawing to a close; I wonder how many participants found the adventure to be useful/fun/horrific/easy to take part in.  Personally, I have a lot to say, but will keep my thoughts to myself.

Not only is the blogger challenge drawing to a close, but so is 2015.  No news there, right?

Managed to accomplish a good deal on the postage stamp quilt this year, and have desires to finish at least one more block before the year ends.  It could very well be a reality, so no wincing or scoffing out there. [jabbing an Uncle Sam finger in your direction]  In hindsight, I wish I had begun working on it again much sooner in the year... but I didn't, so no what-ifs or tears.  It's just what it is.

Cleaned out an older portion of my stash and have it boxed, ready to send to a new friend in the UK - when I can finally afford the shipping.  She has said she will reimburse the postage costs, but I am counting nickels and pennies until the new job begins.

Used a bunch of scraps to create little experiments here and there.  Liberating and useful attempts at a new way of piecing, but I am so hyper-focused on the postage stamp quilt, I have a hard time making myself do other things away from it.  OCD much?

Work on the current crazy quilting project continues (you can view the progress at if you're interested).

Still too many quilt tops (some with backs, some already sandwiched and languishing in 'the pile'), but it's sort of cool to think I could make/finish a quilt right away - if I had the fortitude to walk away from you-know-who.

Three local quilt shops (that I am aware of) closed this year - two of them just over the past six weeks.  It's a shame.  Would I consider opening one?  Yes.  Yes I would... if it weren't for the red tape and MI taxes, you bet I would.

Are my lights on in the sewing area and burning energy that I am not using?  Yes.  So, if humans must set concrete resolutions for themselves for the new year, then I suppose I can task myself with being better at turning the lights on only when I am ready to head to the 'drawing board' and actually work there.  I guess this is my way of drawing this entry to a close, but I'll be back tomorrow... will you?

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