Monday, April 30, 2012

Progress on the XXX quilt

While it is going more slowly than I'd like, there is progress.

I can't wait until classes are over so that I can really work on it, finish it, and move on to another (to the next) project.

I truly think things would be MUCH further along had I not sewn the first two rows together in anticipation and excitement, but I am not ripping anything else apart to reconfigure. I am clever enough to work around my overeager mistake.

Which brings us to Rule #6: Don't be in a hurry. NEVER be in a hurry.

Oh, and let's remind ourselves of Rule #8 as well: Unless you arew orking with a limited color palette, or a simple and repetitive layout of material and/or colors, refrain form sewing the blocks and rows together until you are absolutely certain - and completely satisfied - with the configuration.

I'm no rookie, and I will simply look at it as a challenge to rise above!

High five....chorus of cheers....standing ovation.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New project

Purples and blues - esp when photographed together - never reproduce perfectly.

I have been commissioned to make a lap quilt for a soon-to-be newlywed couple. It will be my pleasure!

Here is the color palette settled on yesterday afternoon.

The work will begin in earnest once my classes have ended and I can completely throw myself into it, without study-guilt hanging over my head!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

No more dilemma

The decision has been made. Thanks any way.

Minor dilemma

How should I cut this half-square for the top half-row?

The second and third photos do show a slight difference, in that there is more of the dragonfly showing, and the feather along the bottom right would break out of frame if I nudge it a bit more - which I am thinking of doing.

Anyone brave enough to chime in and send a response?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last mid-term tonight

....then, it's back to regular weekly tests and studying (or rather, studying for weekly tests).

Weekend forecast: Looking forward to working on the newest Ocean Waves and making progress; and...meeting up with a HS friend to pick out material for a quilt she has commissioned me to make (for a niece of hers who is getting married this fall). We also need to discuss the size and pattern she would like to have made. In addition, the pockets on a pair of Bud's work slacks are disintegrating - they're more hole than pocket any more - and those will need replacing as well.

So, more progress photos by Sunday evening and perhaps some news, too.

Have a great rest of your week, wherever you may be!

Piece-ably -- b.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Darn it! It's like M&Ms

I keep going back to the sewing table. In this gorgeous daylight, I just can't keep away!

Imagine what I could accomplish if I had all of the pieces already cut and I gave myself permission to play!


I don't consider a quilt project really underway until the first stitches have been made and the first pieces joined.

Maybe this is why I have had a tough time studying all week - I've had itchy fingers to get the first of the piecing out of the way. Now let's see if I can keep away from it long enough to review for the mid-terms and study for the additional chapter tests.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Before I forget

Which (truth be told) I already had, so....before I forget again I wanted to say:

I found a wonderful quilt fabric shop in East Lansing!

As I left Karl with his life skills support person, I wandered off in search of two such stores I had found online - and had never been to! I know - go figure!

Country Stitches in EL, is a marvelous place with a plentiful selection of sale fabrics and non-sale fabrics.

The store is quite large, utilizing what appears to be two adjoining storefronts, and laid out in such a way that keeps you moving and looking.

There appeared to be a good number of cutting counters to facilitate a healthy buying populace, so I can imagine that even on busy days customers don't have to wait too long for assistance. There were also two large classroom/work areas, machines to purchase, and many carts located around the store to pile your collection of goodies on while you shop.

While the material selections seemed a little disjointed and chaotic, by and large it was fun to amble through.

On the 'minus' side - a disappointing store directive precluded me from buying several more pieces I would have loved to add to my stash. Or, perhaps it saved me from buying more?

At Country Stitches you MUST buy no less than 1/2 a yard of each of your sale fabric selections, and with the postage stamp quilts I am now planning, half a yard is way more than I need of specific things, so buying my fabric according to this 'rule' left me confined to purchasing a tiny selection with the allowance I had to spend. That left a harsh note on the whole experience, but I managed to cull my choices down to the essentials. [sniff]

Next time I will need to be sure I have more time to look and decide - an hour was not enough! Of course, that will be a little while.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Need a few more hours in the day

It seems I underestimated just how much time was actually in a twenty-four hour day, but I have been dividing my time somewhat fairly between my activities.

That new scrappy Ocean Waves project is moving forward - not at the pace I would have liked, but today was a good day for progress. Lots of fussy cutting for those main squares (and the half- and quarter-squares along the edges) and a lot of new materials added to the pile for the triangle piecing.

Good gooby....some day I am going to make a very straightforward, no issues, easy-peasy quilt that won't require so much thinking and planning.

R-r-r-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght! ;^)