Tuesday, December 1, 2015

For better or for worse

I am accepting Caron Mosey's challenge to join in
on the "31 Day Blog Writing Challenge"
(at http://muppin.com/wordpress/index.php/).
I figure I haven't anything to lose since I am most often posting an update here anyhow, or at the Crazy Quilting blog - www.bethsmadasahatter.blogspot.com.

My challenge to you readers is to:
let our 'host' know that there truly are folks out there enjoying the extra reading material we bloggers are providing by leaving a comment that can be seen when she peruses the participating blogs.  Can you do that? Will you do that? ?

Day 1 - For better or for worse; in silence and cacophony; whether job seeking or disappointed binge eating; through grey days or deliriously brilliant sunshine, you - my dear readers and delightfully nosey friends - you will benefit from daily ramblings.

Geez.  Now that it will be a daily occurrence (throughout the whole of December only), I suppose this may be extra incentive to accomplish SOMEthing of substance every day from here on out.

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