Sunday, December 6, 2015

Time flies

It was this time four years ago I was finishing the piecing on PQ1 (Peace Quilt 1).

One day away from finishing construction of the top, and less than two weeks from the day that I would have it stretched and basted, and ready for quilting.  The FMQ began a few days before Christmas, and I can still remember all of the butterflies, the excitement, and the insecurity I felt all along the way.

Many mornings I would rise to find at least one of the girls curled up within the folds - Cleo and Flop had absolutely no issues claiming quilts for matter what state of completion they were in.  If I had any issues with the possibility of them being on a quilt in process, I would take the pains to cloister the piece under a sheet or reams of paper, or fold it and keep it out of reach of my fuzzy people.  But rarely did I keep them from the quilts; they were family, and I love family feedback.  And I rarely received a negative comment from them when it came to my quilts, so naturally they deserved first dibs.

Besides, I can understand how my girls felt about quilts - comfort, love, and warmth all in one neat package.  Quilts and cats are synonymous.

Some of my favorite photos are of the family monkeys hanging out on a quilt - or under a quilt, or thinking about trespassing on some portion of a top in progress.  In fact, the only photo we have of Flop actually smiling is when she was caught chillaxing on my mother's quilt in process.  And the sound of Cleo's Mack-truck-purr still fills my ears, while I imagine her ears peeking over the top of generous folds in the material.

These are thoughts and images I will treasure for all of my days.  Hard to believe it's been four years since I worked on PQ1, but there you have it.

Thanks for walking down Memory Lane with me.  Have a great Sunday. >^..^<  =^..^=

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