Saturday, December 19, 2015

A little here; a little there

The day began with some fairly decent light, and I took full advantage (for about an hour) and placed right around fifteen-to-twenty inches onto G7.  Then, it grew dark and I decided: since I most likely would play 'devil's advocate' and end up swapping anything I might find for better results later, give it up before madness sets in.

So I did.

I moved to the empty (not really "empty" so much as 'vacated') bedroom and sanded all that lovely new filler. Sanded and sanded and sanded.  Man, can I make a mess!  Wiped one wall down completely and set to work filling and making smooth the areas I could see with the grey daylight and one light bulb in the overhead light.  The daylight would grow bright and obliging, then clouds would crap on my parade.  The entire morning passed in waves of undulating light.

Time went by like cold molasses until... BLAM!  All of a sudden it was noon!  Spent the better portion of the remainder of the day moving stuff to get to new areas - 'rinse and repeat' - and I ended the day feeling as though I'd got a lot accomplished, but somehow it looks more like I was working in reverse.  Grrrrr.

I'm beginning to think a match would be a better alternative.

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