Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bits of this 'n' that

This last week was very busy - Christmas notwithstanding.

I ran from here to there (hither and yon) good-deed-doing (repeatedly), making appointments, hustling a son to computer mecca for innards (good golly, the crowds), and teaching a last-minute crazy quilt class of eight folks.  That last bit materialized out of nowhere, but it sure did make an impact on our Christmas!

Thank you again, Rebecca, if you read this.

So much non-Christmas-y activity (at least, not Christmas-y for my own purposes), and still, a lot of what went on was meant for glad tidings for others. Strange that.

I did manage to make a small dent in "Peacock", finishing (for the most part) the stitching on one of sixteen blocks and beginning the stitching on a second block.  I have to make a final decision on how I intend to treat the round seam of the fan configuration, but I have narrowed down my options to essentially two choices - so that's something!  And I do have a bit of embellishment to do to two seams on the first block, but I have managed to embroider all of the seams down, and this works for me. It is a bit of accomplishment in order to free me for moving forward, rather than to feel as if I am standing still and getting nowhere.

Still would LOVE to find just enough dark blue (NAVY) velvet to cap the fans on at least two of the eighteen pieces....but my search for navy velvet is proving fruitless.  I shall keep looking, though, because at some point material outlets will have to restock it.  Right? ? ?

What are you working on?

Friday, December 12, 2014

In between

I now have eight of the sixteen necessary blocks created and basted for stitching, [looking around conspiratorially] and I even engaged in a teensy bit of stitching on one seam last night.

It felt self-indulgent, since I have other more pressing things to get finished.  But, oh!  To actually begin laying stitches into the silks and taffeta's of "Peacock" - it was as indulgent as eating two large pieces of dark chocolate......laced with whole hazelnuts!!

I have been doing the piecing in between fits of looking for a job, housework, errands, doctor and school appointments, other quilting projects (two of them SALES!), and, well....everyday life.  But it somehow makes me feel more *something* to be able to create another groovy something to work on; something fresh and new.  What is the word I want?
Do I feel more worthwhile as a person?
More necessary for the beautification of a tiny corner of the world?

At least, I don't feel so much an insignificant loser for not being able to persuade stupid would-be employers how ignorant they are for having looked me over and passed me up.  That makes them the losers, anyway - not me.

[sighs - one of contentment, one of disappointment]

Photos later, for now I need to get on with my day.