Wednesday, December 23, 2015


By the way, I did finish G7 last night - worked on it speck by speck, in between doing other things.

I felt like a sparrow all day yesterday; hopping here and there and everywhere - pecking at bits of needful cleaning and then VG.  Hop, hop, hop away for something upstairs... then back to G7.

It makes much more sense to concentrate on one thing at a time and get it accomplished; check it off the list before moving on to something else to start and finish. But of course, my mind (and my heart) are always going to boomerang back to VG.

Well, G8 is now underway - but I need to concentrate on some dirty dishes.  Oofda!

- on your plate?
- in your heart?
- on your mind?
- top of your agenda?

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