Thursday, December 31, 2015

UPDATE: G8 and stuff

Had a visit from the boy, so it put a bit of a crimp in the day's activities.  But, it's all good, and here's why:

 1) G8 is now only missing three inches. [cue hysterical crying]
 2) Dinner will be tilapia and stir-fried rice
  - tilapia was in the freezer and
  - we won't have to face NYE knuckleheads in the store.
 3) Bank run can wait until Saturday
  - mostly because I don't want to go out for just that.
 4) May still be able to wedge in some work on the new clothes tonight.

Unscheduled drop-ins are few and far between, so it is fun to chat it up for half-an-hour or so.  Plus, I managed to guilt/force him into walking out of here with a little bit of his leftovers.

They never fully move out, do they?

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