Thursday, January 5, 2017

Howdy world, and howdy 2017

For the past few years I have belonged to a couple of 'groups' in the facebook world, one of them is for needle-types who have supplies that they want to sell to other needle-types who need those supplies.

Translation: It's a sellers/buyers group.  I am a buyer.

One particular group has a person in charge of it who is usually ( > 95% of the time) on top of everything.  When it comes to her own customers, she is proactive and pretty wonderful, but lately has seemed a bit overwhelmed by her own aspirations.  The wonderfulness of her customer service has become hit or miss recently, and it appears as though I am on the 'miss' end of the stick.

This is why it was hard to believe [read this with sarcasm] that she became completely outraged when I opened a case with the payment service.  I mean, after all, she only kept me waiting three weeks before finally sending the package.  Perhaps I was a little hasty, since it was only three weeks... [dripping with sarcasm] and she did offer me either silence or no less than four BS excuses as to why I was waiting... and waiting... and waiting.

But, the complaint I filed did lead to her actually sending the package, so I couldn't have been too far off the mark, right?

I have refused to correspond with her any further, and most likely I will be dropping out of that group, too.  Just too much crap in my wheelbarrow already, why invite more angst?  I suppose this means I am 'cleaning house' for the new year; unintentionally, but totally necessary.

What are you up to with the changing of the digits?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Delightful expectations from JD Cottage Treasures on Etsy

You may know I don't give out feint praise, as a rule; not even just for the sake of saying something nice.  I am not good at pretense - never have been, (and most likely) never will be.  I am not a 'gusher.'  My parents did not instill that quality (talent?) in me at any age, and so while I can see and hear and believe it when I observe it from others, I cannot summon the beauty-queen falseness which seems to live comfortably in so many people, and blurt out things others want to hear, just for the sake of fawning and oohing and awing.

I'm prefacing this post with good reason, so please allow me to explain... and gush a little.  I suppose I will get better with practice.

Periodically I give myself permission to spend a little money on a little something for an upcoming project (or, for an ongoing project.  REALLY?  Do I need a project as an excuse?  Harrumph).  My pockets are not deep, and saving capital to use for delightful reasons is a bit of a stretch, so when I let go and splurge on a bauble, button, beads, or bit of hankie happiness, well, I feel I've earned it.

At any rate, I had an occasion recently to buy a lovely hankie or two from Julie at
and it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made (when it comes to online purchasing).  Julie is more than attentive, and far better than anyone else I've encountered at providing that 'extra mile' when it comes to customer service.  Fast, friendly, clean, and fabulous - you can't go wrong when you buy from Julie at JD Cottage Treasures.  Her items are topnotch and excellently described.

Please, just save some lovely things for me.  Cheers to you, Julie!  Thank you for everything ~