Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2,460... of last night.

If I had been a smarter person (about my time and the given weather conditions), I would have spent yesterday outdoors working on odds and ends in the yard, and saved this bit of quilting configuration for today when it's drearier and cooler.

Ah, well.

On to C3!  Woohoo!

UPDATE Re: C3 - Managed to get sixty pieces laid out throughout the day, so tomorrow I will finish the process and sew it up!  Is it possible I can get one-third to half of this row completed before the new semester begins?!?  Wouldn't that be groovy!

Friday, April 25, 2014


I'm just sayin'.

[happy dance]

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Forgot to post the number with the photos.

To date, the two rows together total 2,260 pieces assembled!


By the way, I spent the day cleaning up and getting ready for other stuff.  I (re-)sorted the cut material, sorted out colors I will need for the first few squares of Row C, and generally cleaned off the sewing table.  I un-messed a bit...and it felt liberating.  I am MORE than ready to get elbow-deep into the next square, but I need to put together something appropriate for a somber occasion I fear may be soon upon my family.

What are you up to?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nailed it!

I did get the last of the pieces placed yesterday afternoon, a-n-d the final 130-pc block sewn together during the evening news.  After joining the individual blocks to the rest of the Row B configuration, I then spent an hour pinning the two completed rows together.

That's HOUR.  Okay, okay....fifty-one minutes - but it seemed like an hour.

From there it was a matter of time and patience (as if the pinning didn't take patience by the bucketful) to stitch them all together, carefully. But I was so determined to get the two rows together, I thought I would bust if I didn't.  A bit of ironing and "oh well"-ing, and voila!

I now have a bit of a confetti'd color mess to put back in order, and a lot of cutting to do, but all eyes are now on Row C!

[big sigh of happy relief]

Monday, April 7, 2014

Twenty-six pieces to find before the stitching can commence.

ONLY twenty-six!

I think one of us is excited.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The end to a lovely day

Were there other things I should have been doing?  YES.

Do I care?  NO.

No, I do not care.

[i might care a LOT tomorrow, but right now i am very pleased]

This is how my 'wasted' (LOVELY) day -

I am so close to being able to stitch the first two rows together I CAN TASTE IT!  I really can. And yes, of course...I did the math.  I have 65/100 of the full block laid in place, and 22/30 in place for the partial (last) block for Row B.  This means I only have 43 pieces to find and place before construction.


Pictured above is approximately four hours worth of work.  Another way of saying it is: there's another three-four hours remaining before I can begin to sew these lovely bits together.

"Why so many hours if there's only one-third left to configure?", I hear you asking. "That's way less than half," you scream.

Good question.  The answer is that it is always harder to match out the remaining holes if I have to work around them in patches (as pictured above).  I either don't have a great color in hand - at the ready - or I do have it, but it is in my stash box and has to be pulled out - o-o-o-o-r it is laying on the table, buried, and needs finding again.  All very time-consuming.

Legend -
  "Hard" = work.  
  "Work" = hours of searching, comparing, (maybe) fussy cutting.  And, then there's the inevitable mind-changing thing I seem to do about something already in place.  Aaaagh!

But, the eighty-seven pieces pictured did go together relatively quickly (all things considered), so it is just as likely I could breeze through the last third yet to go.  

Sunshine! Mother, may I?

Good fortune is smiling on us today -

it's SUNNY!

I am going to celebrate by giving myself permission to lay out the last block-and-one-third for Row B!  Or, to at least get as much placed before the sun moves to the other side of the house.

Mother says: QUILT!