Monday, December 14, 2015

Wow, lots more cleaning

Aaaah, maybe not "cleaning" so much as 'neatening'.  Lots of useful fleshy stuff and shadowy material bits unearthed, with much more identified background loveliness amassed.

Truthfully, it seems to be something of a reclamation binge that I accomplish with infrequent regularity (can that really be a thing - "infrequent regularity"?).  My intentions are also the best of the best.  I always intend to clean up as I go, or get to the end of a color group and clean up then carry on... OR,  get to the end of a row then tidy as much as need be, but it is always forgotten in the excitement of the moment.

"No, no, no," my eager self yells.  "Don't lose momentum. Everything is right here where you left it.   Keep going.  Keep going!  We'll clean up in a bit."

Trouble with that is that, well, er... it never happens.  Eager self is a pretty unrelenting bitch, and we just keep mucking through until the piles of cast-off material begin tumbling over us like tsunami waves on the New Zealand Pacific shoreline.

No, I have only recently adopted the policy of putting Unrelenting Bitch into a headlock at the end of each row; and then throwing her into a closet when the need arises to actually grab a pitchfork to clean out the work area.  See, if you can't find anything you know you saw just 'an hour ago', and
you can't make a spot big enough to use a tiny cutting mat for one inch squares, and
you can't move freely without knocking something over...

So, I guess you know a little of what took place today.

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