Sunday, December 13, 2015

Slightly off topic...but only slightly

I belong to a few groups on facebook - I have limited myself to less than ten on purpose - and the few groups I follow are of the quilting/art variety.  Can't help it if I am filled with class.

As it so happens, my chosen groups (or, the administrators of these groups) are of the sort who fairly well harbor the same sentiments I feel surrounding decorum, information sharing, types of 'posts' from members, etc.

Listen, I am an administrative type; I've worked in the corporate world and in the film industry - and in the many grey areas in between and all around those two fields - and if it's one thing I think I have a handle on it's process and guidelines.  The work world does not function well without some sort of order or doesn't matter what industry it is.  Truth be told, nothing functions without process, not driving your car on the road, buying groceries, mowing your lawn, flying a plane (or taking a flight somewhere).  Whatever.

As for fb groups, it's like this:
When you join a group, take the time to read the group description, and any little 'by-laws' or addendums the person who created that group wants you to know.  It may be a 'pinned' post (that will be the post that is constantly at the top of the timeline), or it may be something the admin posts as a casual reminder from time to time.  Take heed, these are the operating standards for the group.  If it states you should stick to the topic, like quilting or applique', and you want to post images of your Christmas tree or craft items....think twice, and then DON'T post those photos.

A fabric-decoupaged wine bottle is not appropriate fodder for a hand quilting site - neither is a photo of your pet chihuahua wearing handmade elf ears (I don't care if they are hand stitched, and the pet in question is adorable in them).

Think about the audience of that group.  You may receive a few 'aw' comments, and a number of 'likes', but by and large, the greater majority of the members are going to bombard the poor administrator with questions about why those photos are on the timeline.

Seriously, if you feel a need to share your crafts and pets and such, do you really have to be reminded that you have your own fb timeline?  Share those sorts of things with your own set of friends and relatives, please.  You may receive a delicately worded message from the admin asking you to please remove those images and why, before they have to do it; that's not a fun note for an admin to write.  Don't make the admin don a Snidely Whiplash moustache and become the Gestapo - you are going to feel picked on and unwelcome because your photos will vanish.

Don't make it necessary, just play nicely and follow the rules (hate that word), and everything will run like silk ribbon through satin.  Ah.

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