Friday, August 28, 2015


The week is nearly over, and it's been eventful (in a tiny way).

Completing F5 put the total of constructed pieces at 6,150!  There's a big 'woohoo'.  Half way is still a bit off - but it is ever so much closer.  8,249 (the halfway mark) is only 2,099 inches away.  Just under half of the way through H4 will see this quilt top at 50% complete.  [deep breath]  Twenty-one squares...I can do this.

As for yesterday's interview: I feel as though it went well, but now [we] have another waiting game to contend with.  The team of three interviewers had several more candidates to interview (which I believe ends today), and then the decision-making process begins.  Only time will tell, I s'pose.  News will be available sometime around the tenth of September.  Please keep good thoughts in your hearts and a prayer on your lips for my success in this.  Thank you.

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