Sunday, August 16, 2015


You've got to have it to finish the things in your heart which seem to be unrealistic or never-ending.

I was making fairly good progress, finishing a new block about every four-to-five days, but this block has me spinning my wheels.  It doesn't usually happen until I reach the middle of a row, but F3 is kicking my fanny.  Lots of brown tones mixed with the deep orange-yellows (and green overtones on top of burnt yellows and oranges), and so I have had to dig into the stash crate and search.  This has created a sluggish sort of forward movement.

I am so eager to get into the reds and vibrant blood-pinks, that I am sorely tempted to drop the current block and just use the little bits accumulating in the periphery.

And then there are the soft greens, greys, blues, lilacs, and creams of the lower background that beckon to me - they lie just below the current block.  What a change those will be to assemble. [insert squeal of childish glee]

Is it any wonder I love working on this quilt?  It's just taking too long to search and amass the necessary components.

What are you working on?

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