Monday, August 31, 2015

Not truly a waste of time

At least, it wasn't entirely a waste of time.  The cleaning helped to uncover a good deal of badly needed color - so that made it a worthwhile use of time.  It's just that I would like to make more progress on the piecing and building of the top...but I can't do one without the other, and I get that.  Truly, I do.

Today will find me in that horrible place for a long shift, and despite the fact that I am scheduled to be in the floral area (I love that portion of it), I will most likely not get to spend any time there.  When my days are scheduled in floral, I am almost always pulled away to cashier at the front end. [unhappy sigh]

When I return home I will dive into F6, hopefully finishing the block.  That will rinse the bitter taste of the day away.  Currently, it is 2/3s laid out - and that is a happy thing.

Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

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