Sunday, August 23, 2015

An update to the update about the updates re: F4

And the UPDATE to the updates?:
As of 2:45 PM (eastern time zone) the joining of block F4 had begun.  Photo in a little while.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

OK, I am now down to three missing inches.  A mere three pieces before the seaming for the block can happen.

Talk about frustrating.

I am supposed to be staying off of my foot, and for the most part I am (also very frustrating), which makes the search and placement process next to impossible...and very slow.  I will elevate my foot quite often throughout the day - and ice it periodically - spending countless hours pseudo-cutting pieces and sorting through much of the mess, but at certain times I just have to stand (one-footed) for a bit so that there can be some progress made.

Sorted through the large box of reserved palette material to find anything that might help move past this current roadblock.  Eh, there was a little here and there.  Mostly, the tidying up has helped to uncover a lot of useable color that was lying buried.  And I even managed to add a bit of new stitchwork to "Peacock" - the CQ project - but all I really want to do is keep moving forward on this postage stamp quilt!

Tomorrow will see my return to 'work' for a shift of all day walking and standing - and will probably undo all of the good that has been accomplished.

Perhaps there will be some good news (and a photo) tonight.  Fingers crossed, people.

What are you working on?

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