Sunday, February 13, 2011

A quick update on the P&B Ohio Star

Over the last two days I have disappointed even myself with the progress of the Ohio Star.

However, I did manage to score the last necessary yards of pale pink (to match the inadequate amount purchased however long ago), and (more importantly) the striped material to finish the backing (another purchase that I didn't make in the proper quantity)!

Lesson #19 - Never purchase material that you like from a store that isn't in a usual shopping zone. That is to say: don't shop at a store that isn't within an hour of your home, unless you are prepared to drive there again in hopes of finding more of that "perfect-rats!-not-enough-to-finish-I-must-have-more" material to finish what you've started.

Rrr-i-i-i-i-ght. That said, let's move on to a few additional lessons to keep in mind.

Lesson #15 - Save your receipts in one easy to manage place.

Lesson #16 - Cut and save a snippet of your material finds with your receipt (if it is something you really love [said with Oprah voice inflection] ).

Lesson #17 - Be prepared to work around having less than you need of that perfect material.

Lesson #18 - Don't be obsessive about finding a specific material (unless you have time and friends with children in college, in a town more than an hour away from your usual fabric haunts).

Hmmmm....maybe Lesson #19 ought to be Lesson #14, but we'll leave well enough alone for now. Oh, and by the way...thanks, Jean (and Barb).

At any rate, I wanted to be at a different state of completion on the quilt top by the end of this weekend, but I have a lot of ground to make up and my enthusiasm is flagging. The photo of brown and pink triangles is what I managed to get done last night, and now that the pink material is pre-washed I can set to work cutting matching triangles so that I may begin to construct the border blocks and border sashing.

The 3 Stooges said it best: "Slowly I turn. Step by step, inch by inch." Maybe more progress will renew my enthusiasm.

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