Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ah, yes

Never forget to look at your calendar (or fail to remember what day of the week it is).

[Tsk, tsk, tsk at my own self]

Up until the night before last, I had managed to do both of these, and only narrowly escaped performing an act of "stupid." I received a quick note from the woman who is cleaning my family's teeth, and it sort of stirred my memory. Whew!

Needless to say not much sewing was done yesterday (not as much as I expected or even wanted to do), but I did take the pieced half squares I had assembled (and pressed the night before) with me to the appointment to pin together. I figured, if nothing else, I would at least be able to whip them off quickly once Karl and I returned home late in the afternoon, and have that portion of the quilt top out of the way.

Now, I am looking at a pile of pieced four squares, an undulating collection of sashing strips, one row of 12.75" blocks in need of joining, and the possibility of having a finished top by this evening (or darned close to it)!!

However, I do have another 'time out' today away from the machine as Karl has an appointment with his therapist at OU, so there will be some additional lost time. But since I also need to get more needles for the machine I will do that while we are out.

See, last night I ran over a pin with the sewing needle in my haste to get the blocks finished, and of course the needle blunted. [forehead smack] I know better, but I really thought that particular pin wasn't in the line of fire when I approached it with the presser foot. Ah well!

It's always smart to have extra needles on hand anyhow.

See you back here in the next day or two, when I will have a photo of the progress to date.

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