Monday, February 14, 2011

Let the piecing commence!

I need to cut another twenty bundles of triangles for the border squares yet, but today I am taking the daylight hours to piece together the bunch I have already cut (the pinks) and matched (the browns and mid-tones), just so I can see how the exterior border is going to look beside the rest of the constructed quilt.

Every time I add a new bit to it, or refine the sizes of the sashing borders, I second guess myself, and then try hard to keep from changing my mind entirely. But, if I begin to piece it and see it as it will be I will stand a better chance of walking away from this one happy and relatively sane.

Seems I say that a lot lately. ;)

Last night as I was nodding off, I had thoughts of making a sawtooth border - as opposed to the four-square triangle configs I had already cut and had at the ready! Crazy, right? This is what I meant by trying to stay happy.

Anyhow, this is the mess that currently resides on the sewing table, but you can see how it will all come together (can't you?). Since the pieces are so large, and the pattern simple, it will be a quick chore, with the cutting of roughly eighty more triangles simply an annoyance. I will tackle that in a while, but for now I will allow myself the enjoyment of piecing the border.

Stay tuned.

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