Monday, February 21, 2011

In lieu of an Ohio Star update (cuz there isn't one)

Oh, wait! I guess this would be an update - of sorts.

It turns out I managed to mess up my math, and the pieced four squares border is just a tad too...long or short (depending upon your point of view), and so I find myself having to extend the sashing border to cover the gap. My choices are varied as to how to do this, but my mind's eye has a distinct idea about the finished look, and quite frankly while an additional pieced interior border would look sweet, I am not ready to invest that much more time and effort in this top.

I have narrowed the task down to adding another strip (or two) of sashing between the pink outer strip and the pieced border that will be. The color selection was a chore (mostly because I am limited to what it is I have on hand in my stash (it will require the better part of two-thirds yards), but with help, I think I have it down to a manageable five choices...but here was the field of final contenders.

The last chore - after cutting and piecing the last sashing row/rows - will be to construct twelve more pieced four-square blocks. Yup...I told you I messed up the math.


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