Saturday, February 19, 2011

P&B Ohio Star photo I promised

Background fabric is the lightest shade of pink, but you almost can't tell.

What a beautiful sunset! Not a cloud in the sky and the colors meld from one to the next seamlessly.

The horizon is that scrumptious pale lemon yellow, with just a tang of strong yellow along the very edge where the earth touches the sky, and as my gaze travels skyward that yellow takes on the slightest green tint as the blue blends in to distance. At that point it all almost takes on a white effect before the blue takes hold and engulfs the rest of the entire sky in the myriad blues God created - palest tints to deepest shades.

From a blush of pale baby blue to endless-universe inkiness - you know, the type of blue that's almost black but still convinces you to see the color. The sky is awash in clear, crisp colors, and it's begging to be looked at, studied, admired, awed and marveled at.

The skeletal trees off in the distance, and those directly in front of me in my own yard, are black and lacy against it all, and it is lovely! Great color ideas for quilt projects. ;)

Before the sun disappeared I had my sons run outdoors with me to hold the quilt top (in it's current state) so I could take a photo in the beautiful natural light. Sadly, the breeze was a little much to get a good, clear shot, but I hope you enjoy the pic just the same. I am busily seaming together the four square triangle blocks (the final border), so hopefully, there will be one more photo of the top this weekend (or early in the week), then I will begin the quilting process. Hoping to make a dent in the quilting beginning next week (or at the very least, start it), but as I've said in the past I am now facing my biggest hurdle - marking the top.

I will keep you posted on that whole ordeal...but in the meanwhile, let me know what you are working on!


Rie said...

WoW Beth You have done it again! You have simply amazed me with you talent and skills! This is really Beautiful! I like it a lot.

Beth said...

[blush] Thank you, Maria. Where are your latest quilting pieces? I keep looking for photos on your blog, and on the quilt blog...

C'mon, girl, give with some of your construction. Let's see it!

Hey, want to get together on the evening of the 3rd? We can have a quilt-in, or just sit and gab.