Friday, June 11, 2010

Long time, no quilt

As luck would have it, I managed to get busy with class, then 'stuff' (from the last week-and-a-half of May thru early June)...and then I cut a finger to the point where holding/using a pencil was impossible for marking up a quilt (let alone stretching and pin-basting).  So, needless to say (funny how we use that expression, when we are really pointing out an obvious and needful point, that most people would miss if we didn't say it to get their attention pointed to the obvious), I was not able to do anything quiltwise for the last few weeks!


I finished the border on the Snail Trail and finished construction of the backing, but without the ability to get anything new cut out, or to be able to mark up the orange and brown Snail Trail until I can grip a pencil or a rotary cutter, I decided to concentrate on another completely different type of project.

Well, no......I guess it isn't so much "completely different" since it is a quilting thing, but give me a chance!

A dear friend, Jean (thank you, Jean), printed a drawing I had done (quite a while ago) in a rather large scale (at my request), that I managed to get taped together fairly well.  I will use the large paper drawing as the template, tracing the design onto the base fabric and making the pattern pieces from it, too.  I may have mistakenly figured that, being larger, it would be easier to learn the technique and manipulate the corners, etc (with the needle et. al.), than if it was smaller (thinking that would be harder to work with).

Applique is something I have been daydreaming about trying my hand at for quite some time, but figured I would leave it to the experts and just keep on with my own two quilting specialties: block quilting and crazy quilting.  Why add anything else to the mix?  Those two (and the gardening) are enough activities to keep me busy when time allows.  Applique is a technique I thought would be too much to master and would just leave me frustrated (and with something more left unfinished in a corner somewhere).  Like being married.

Anyhow, the finger is looking pretty good, and I am taking the splint off to try and start marking up that orange and brown item today.  Walking by the table in the sewing corner and doing nothing with a needle and thread is driving me crazy!  I've spent a lot of time just staring at my wall of material, and it is really making me blue.  Although, I did manage to narrow down the quilt design choices for Karl's quilt to 2 (maybe 3) contenders, so the material scope (pictured at the top of the entry) can now be incorporated almost entirely!  Wahoo!  And, during this down time I also *think* I came up with a design choice for my next Black and White and Red All Over quilt.  Yup, I see another in the series on the horizon. 

What are you up to?

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