Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A smidgeon of progress

Karl agreed that there should be something else in the quilt mix (color-wise) to make the project pop.  We looked at the squares that had been completed and just didn't feel like there was enough variety in the palette the way it was.

So, we held the chameleons-on-brown up to the brick colored materials in my stash (since that was only one of two colors not included that do appear in the design sample), and we found it just didn't make the "a-ha" needle move on the A-ha-o-graph Spectrometer.  Neither did the lightest blue color that you can pick out very easily in some of the lizards. 

BUT...we did seem to agree that a really vibrant red made us both sit up and take notice when paired with the base material.  See if you agree. 

The decision has been made: red will be added to the quilt, but only in a very minor way.  Three, maybe four pieced blocks will be created using red as the border and added to the top configuration.  Any more than that and it would just be another color - but as a visual spark here and there - a fleeting element...well, then you have a conversation piece for your eyes and your brain.

Geez! now that means I have to cut more 2" squares!  Yikes!! [smacking forehead with palm]

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