Saturday, June 19, 2010

It arrived!!

I am holding, in my hot little hands (it is warm in these here parts), the material I ordered to finish Karl's quilt! Yea and huzzah!!

The brown fabric with the charming, woggly-eyed chameleons (or some such) is here. After paying Hell and wreaking havoc on my time, I managed to hunt down an on-line vendor who actually had the material still in stock. The chances were slim, but I am a persistant f***** (sorry if that offends.)

Anyhow, the material is here, and it's a good thing, too, since I had already cut out WAY too many 2 and 1/8" squares with which to construct the main square for the overall design. [I believe there is a straight jacket and private padded room for me somewhere.] Now, I simply need to locate an appropriate alternate full square material to use between the pieced blocks...maybe tomorrow I will post a photo of what it is I am after, and see if anyone can help me locate enough of it to assemble the quilt top. It doesn't HAVE to be this specific material...just something that looks amazingly like it.

Tomorrow is going to be a rather constructive day - one way or another.

;^) Thanks.

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