Thursday, June 17, 2010

Probably should stick to the orig'l game plan

I couldn't help myself - I cut out the materials for Karl's quilt today.  Between applying for jobs (and getting one positive response), odd little cleaning fits, making phone calls about the car, performing a little gardening and trying to stay cool, I pre-shrank the materials (that still required it), ironed the creases and wrinkles to a beautiful state of non-existance, grabbed a rotary cutter and made like a mad woman for the better part of the afternoon.  What you see pictured here are the results.

I now need to commit myself to a pattern of arranging and assembling the smaller blocks around the center squares (random or by color family) before I actually begin to stitch. 

It is looking like "by color family" might be the winner in this particular tug of war, by the way, since laying them out randomly was looking pretty scary. 

What do you think?  In my head, this was a great color scheme, predicated by Karl's desire for jewel tones, but I am beginning to rethink it.

Oh, yeah, the "original game plan" was to NOT begin anything new until I had finished one or two items from the old pile first.


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