Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Karl's quilt: Update

After a bit of construction this morning, I decided to do the math one more time...just so I was good in my head that the path I was sewing down was true (and all of that horse-feather sort of jive).

It turns out I was planning on making an incredibly l-o-n-g quilt, and even though K's bed is an extra long full, the set of rows I had originally planned on was going to be overkill.  So, after scaling it back two rows (in length only), I am happier than I have been in days!  That's right, it means I can do away with 7 of the pieced color blocks, meaning I am only short by nine center squares using the beautiful brown chameleon print.  When I fill in with the lovely substitute brown batik, it won't be as noticeable (hopefully).

Plus, less piecing means I can get to the fun part (ugh) of FHMQ that much sooner.  LOL  I still need to find a decent cream material with a faint print to use on those alternate full blocks, but that should not be too tough.  I have searched through my stash and figured out I will piece very faint white on whites or creams to make the shadow blocks (where the band of color blocks won't be), and use the cream (but NOT muslin) to fill in those pesky large single squares in between all of the others.  And I even hatched a way to use the adorable bug print that has been burning a hole in my imagination for months!

The size of the overall quilt is roughly figured at 73" x 89"...plenty big enough for the boy's bed.  And when he has a son (or daughter) of his own one day, Grandma (me/I) won't have to make them one.  [snicker]

But, I probably will.

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