Saturday, January 23, 2016

Glorious frustration

When last I put word to webisphere (a la 'pen-to-paper'), there were only a few missing pieces to the puzzle which is G10;
My personal (current) enigma;
My own private Idaho.

Yeah, I thought some of you would appreciate that last one.

Plans were to blissfully entrench myself in the task of amassing and assembling the block, and then move quickly on to G11.3.  But we adults all know how plans can change, right?

Today, I have been cleaning - off and on - flitting from one room (and one pile) to another.  I need to apply a little puppy training to my methodology in order to sit... STAY!  If I did, I'm certain more would be accomplished quicker.  Reluctantly, I began the less appealing chore out of necessity, feeling unsatisfied and cranky.  To make matters worse, the cleaning has been more of the household and paperwork sort, and not of the happy quilting stuff.  Total bummer, am I right?

Several hours ago the sun made an appearance, and I couldn't take it.  No one should waste perfectly good daylight!  So I abandoned my post and ran to the drawing board.  Played around with the pieces and whatnot, moving and fine-tuning the many shades of medium brown until I did an amazing thing.  A stupidly amazing thing.

I don't have an accurate 'before' image, but here are the results of playing hooky while cleaning.  I am certain guilt became a huge distraction, and it lead to not much progress... ANYwhere.
The original missing bits were the areas highlighted by a black outline.  As you can see, I filled in three missing inches, but managed to undo some of the finished work as well.  Crap!

Well, now, lunch is done and the sun is peeking out, again.  Permission to play a little while longer?

Permission granted.

Besides, the work will always be waiting for me.  The sun, on the other hand... peek-a-boo.

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Susan said...

Can you please tell me what the numbers you are using signify? Is it different areas of the quilt top?