Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bets, bargains, deals, promises

Going to have to backtrack on a bargain I made to myself regarding VG.  Plans were to keep working steadfastly, pushing to complete RowG by the end of January - if not before (totally doable).  Then, the new wonderful thing came along, and now I need to reassess what I do and when it gets done.

Clothes now need to be the priority, and I am in complete agreement (with myself.  I KNOW, this is mashugana, right?  I am bantering with myself?) - VG has to take a backseat.
Give up its position in the queue; push back a couple of spots in line.
Move to the back of the bus.
Bottom of the barrel.

Just for a short time, though.  A very short time.

Once I am done with the skirt(s) and a pair or two of trousers, and definitely one unlined jacket, I can devote every other free moment to rows and rows of one-inch pieces.  Thousands of them.  Isn't that every quilter's dream?

Besides, I  r e a l l y  do have to clean up... again.  Yes, again.  But I believe I have conjured up a brilliant organizational strategy for the work surface.  I'll get it up and running then take a photograph for your amusement.

Until that day comes, what are you working on?

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