Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ah, this weekend

The weekend is coming.
The weekend is coming!

I'll have mostly unfettered time to play with my inches come Saturday, and you'd better believe I plan to make darn fine use of it all.  So there.

Spent the free hours of the last several days sorting and finding and ironing and cutting, preparing to make a dent in G10 when I had the chance; and for the most part, my gambit worked to my advantage.  By the end of the day (today) I managed to whittle the missing bits of G10 down to a scant three or four.  Make that a definite four... and m-a-ybe five, instead.  Hurray!

The halfway point is now so close at hand I can just about taste it.  Anybody care to dance a very exuberant jig with me?

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