Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moving along

Had to make myself stop working on D7 yesterday to start dinner and get something else accomplished;
CANNOT tell you how wrong that felt.

Surprisingly, a lot of green in this block, and just when I thought it would be primarily yellow.

I simply need to find fewer than twenty pieces to fill in the holes and stitch it up [laughing at the word "simply"].  Elusive little shits!

UPDATE: As of 12:30 Noon EDT
Five to go.


UPDATE: As of 3:54PM
Can begin sewing it together any time, now!  However, this is the first block that, after making three major changes to color pixels (deliberately placing yellow where I had had the right non-yellow pieces), I am very leery of assembling it.

But, I also felt uncomfortable with the 'correct' pieces in place, too. [shrugging]
Que sera sera, I suppose.

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