Sunday, June 15, 2014

And I should add...

Upon re-reading the amended entry from yesterday, I realized there was one interesting thing - maybe only interesting to me,

I am exactly two rows ahead of where I was last year when I made the decision to put it all away for a while!  Yup, two rows to the square - isn't that cool?  Neat?  Odd?  A coinky-dink?

Also, when I proclaimed my excitement about arriving at D8, and that being notable because it's the one-quarter mark for the whole quilt - it's also only 500 pieces away, as opposed to the additional 330 it will take beyond that to have the row complete.

Hey, it's my 'woohoo' moment.  When you have your little 'woohoo' moments I cheer you on.  C'mon and share some love.

Besides, the next big marker won't be for another month and one-half or more.  At E10, after assembling eight blocks of E10, I will be officially one-third of the way through the quilt.  So you can see, I am taking the milestones seriously.  5,500 pieces is just a squeak over 1/3 of the whole, and that's how close I am to it!  Considering the halfway marker isn't for a good long while - and I mean, a good  l - o - n - g  while, I am joyously celebrating the points of note all along the way.

Come celebrate with me!


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