Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bright and early [snort]

Will it happen today?

Too busy to post photos or go into much detail.  Getting started today 'bright', but far from early - as you can see.  Went to bed at a tame hour last night, but our deaf kitty decided an early morning wake-up call - complete with loud, intimate conversation regarding her hunger pangs - was necessary at 4:42AM.

....and again at 5:09AM (because obviously I forgot).

....and again at 5:14 (because I opened an eye to see if she were still there).

She was.

....and again at 5:32 (because she bathed and lost track of her request).

Around 6:00AM, one of the other girls was ill, so I decided since I was already up I would feed them, just so I could go back to REAL sleep.

I know, you can hear the Jaws attack music in the background, can't you?

By a little after seven Hobbes (deaf kitty) was back to tell me "thanks", and to discuss our sleeping arrangements, AND that the odor of the new litter in their box was not to her liking.  Mine either, but that wasn't a discussion I wanted to have at 7AM, when I hadn't had a good night's sleep to begin with.  Every time I rolled over she scrambled on top of me to perch and continue the cat chat.  At some point she got the idea that a sleepy human - while quite annoyed - will actually stop listening, even to very loud deaf kitties, and will go to sleep (sort of).

Anyhow, I am off to the sewing area to finish D5.  I made a large dent in one day, stopping last night with seventy pieces in place.  I aim to sew it together today and begin D6 this weekend as well.  LOFTY GOALS - I love 'em.

So, will it happen today?  Let's find out!

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