Saturday, June 7, 2014

30 - 32

Somewhere between thirty and thirty-two pieces to find before I can sew together D1.

"Why thirty to thirty-two? Don't you know how many pieces you already have in place?"

Yes, I know precisely what I have in place, and I also know I am not happy with three of the bits already laid down, and that I may end up switching them before I am satisfied enough to sew it together and move on.

My satisfaction at the moment lies in the knowing that I have more than two-thirds of this first block in the new row in place, and that I can knock it out today and move on to D2...perhaps by end of day!

UPDATE: As of 11:17AM EDT
Seventy-six pieces down.

UPDATE: As of 1:29PM EDT
Spent the last 50 minutes chatting with the lads, on a run to the bank and a side trip to the PO, but I have a measly seventeen pieces left to place.

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