Monday, February 27, 2012

Decision's made........nearly

Much as I would like to begin an entirely new quilt - top to bottom - I am curbing my enthusiasm, and have decided to quilt and bind that pink and brown Ohio Star beauty I completed and sandwiched last spring. Just about this time of year, come to think about it.

If I leave it go much longer I know I will be sorry. Soooo......

And it really shouldn't take forever since the quilt patterns are large and simple, and will be a more traditional one-pass quilting style. The competition piece was over-quilted (to the max); once I feel safe enough to post photos of it you will see what I mean, and will then understand how many hours went in to just the quilting process!

After I've quilted and bound the P&BOS I will feel 100% justified in starting something new, and can also work on something else already in process - oh, like Karl's quilt, or the pretty navy Flower Baskets.

Ha! I think I have told myself this same thing for the past two years....but I mean it this time! [*as I do every year*]

Ah, this would be a great time to bring up Lesson #9: Never have too many projects going at one time.

The fact is, there are enough quilts in my project pile to simply finish off that I could be busy with sandwiching, quilting and binding quilts for the remainder of the year! There would be no need to start anything new, but we all know that would give me itchy palms. Staring at the stash and having no creative juices flowing, just planning and scheming in my head and on paper. That would drive me insane!

Anyhow, I am off to do something, even if it is to just stand and look at the projects and eeny-meeny-miney myself into a concrete decision - for the moment.

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