Thursday, February 9, 2012

Binding is going on!

For the last two days I have been cutting and configuring the binding, sewing it onto the trimmed quilt, and/or turning and blindstitching it down. As of Friday morning, I will have that portion done, and will be able to finish the bits of top stitching and apply the sleeve for hanging.

The process would be going much faster, and the binding would have been a one day affair had I not been trying to make such a chameleon of it. But the results work and are (almost) exactly what I wanted.

Sewing it on, then turning and stitching it down (always by hand) usually takes me less than a day, but I have been engaged in homework for two new classes which has been taking up an awful lot of my time.


Can't tell you how marvelous it feels to be so close to the finish line and how excited I am at the prospect of having it done! Of course, quilters will know this, so I don't really need to explain it all. ;)

Oh......happy day!

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