Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wahoo! Background quilting finished!

This day felt like it would never get here. For weeks, it seemed to elude me, but....
  I managed to complete the background quilting yesterday, late in the afternoon. What a relief!
All that remains to do is a bit of quilting in a few large-ish portions (within another design incorporated into the quilt), and to make and apply the sleeve....but that can wait until after I have washed the dishes. ;^)
I am currently enjoying the feeling of success (to a point) in the major work having been completed - it's been a long time in the making.

To congratulate myself, I'm going to bind the quilt before moving on to the incidental quilting, since the incidental stuff is located so far to the interior that applying the binding won't be a problem. Besides, the binding only helps maintain the integrity of the quilt edge, and I am so tired of working around the bulk of the backing (rolled to the front and stitched in place) to keep the edges from abuse. It's a lot of extra bulk to keep shifting - and now....I don't/won't have to!
Party with me - the background is finished. Phwew! [wiping my brow]

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