Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hide and seek

A couple of days ago I was working (semi-)diligently on VG when, after shutting off the lights and putting it to bed for the night, I found two beeee-YOO-tee-ful inches.  I mean perfectamundo (how many of you pictured Fonzi just then?).

I don't know where these two delightful discoveries have been all this time; perhaps hanging like spiders in a dark corner, waiting for their moment of surprise.  I couldn't tell you how it was they just turned up... totally out of the blue... and not even in a pile of bits from that quilt project.

I can only say - with absolute certainty - that they materialized in a completely magical - no!... make that 'supernatural' way.  As if by transporter beam to my very possession by Mr. Spock himself, directly from the  starship Enterprise.  Of course that's what happened, it's most logical.

Do you doubt me?

One of the one inch sweeties was a little crimped, so I gleefully made my way in the direction of the ironing board, intending to iron them both flat; from there I would place them in a place of prominence, nearest the layout board for my next furlow.  But I'll bet you can guess what happened.

Oh, yes, I did.  Somehow, I managed to become distracted just enough to let myself lay them carefully aside - in a spot where I couldn't possibly lose them or raise a breeze to cause them to float away and become a dusty spot on the floor...under a chair... never to be seen again.

Oh, yes I did.

Once it dawned on me that I'd forgotten to iron those bits, and that I hadn't put them in a place of importance for my next piecing session with H3, well, I was up on my feet like a shot.  Except, I couldn't remember where I had safely placed them, so I tore the house a new one looking for two dinky bits of perfectly colored, and all too necessary, one-inch squares.

Not only had I placed them in a perfect haven of non-blowy safety, but I had forgotten where that place was!

Oh, yes I did.  I know!

This morning, in my usual routine to exit the house, you'll never guess what I found just laying out in the open.  Oh, go on.  Guess.

Oh, you're good at this.  Yes, I did.  Right there, on the desk next to the front door, in fact.

So, if you will pardon me, I am heading over to the iron - right now.  There is an important mission I must complete without any further ado.


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