Monday, February 29, 2016

Just interested to know...

Is there anybody 'out there' looking in from time to time, and is there anything you want to ask or know about any of the ongoing quilt projects?


Teresa said...

Hi. Followed the link from FB. Seems like more and lore are just FB'ing it these days instead of blogging. I like to keep my blog as a journal of sorts, but must admit to checking FB more often, love the Crazy quilt you have on FB.

Beth said...

Hey there, Teresa!

I think you are right about folks using Fb more than blogs any more, but like you, I use mine to mark time and progress throughout my quilt projects and happenings.

I have a friend or two who live a distance away and keep up on this 'stuff' via the blog (at their own pace and leisure). And the stray relative or two who didn't want to "...see anything about blankets..." in my regular blog, so I brought it all here (until it made sense to separate the CQ from the traditional).

If it makes it easier to see the CQ work, you can go to - and THANKS for dropping by and leaving a message. You made my whole year brighter. I'll drop into your blog from time to time, now that I know it's there, and keep up with your book sales and exciting news.

Yours in quilting,