Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hoping to be singing later

"What a difference a day makes..."
A little over one week ago the progress had slowed to a halt on H4. Sad but true.  However, there will be a good deal of hours devoted this week; and since I am at 71 inches found (and holding), the official halfway line in the sand has been crossed, the ticker tape parade has been had, and the resulting mess broomed up!  My goal now is to finish up RowH and sew together EFGH.  With two large portions under my belt, mentally it will feel like a huge amount of work is behind me.  The load is lighter, and now I can begin to see the faint light at the end of a very long tunnel.

In other news:
The bead represents H4
Susan Lewis, from Jerusalem, asked a question a couple of weeks back and I tried to answer it wordy-word-style, but I feel the best answer would be served by this quick diagram.  So, Susan, if you're still out there, here it is:

Hope this helped anyone wondering about the alphanumeric references.

The oddest thing about this little drawing is that I sketched it out without thinking, and did not try (in any way) to make it accurate - only representational.  It turned out when I labeled it that the rows and columns were exactly right!!  Accurate to the numbers in both length and width.  Was that uncanniness because I have been living with it over several years?  I don't know, but you could have knocked me over with a feather, because I didn't count or plan on it being correct, only 'close enough' to give a good indication for my explanation for Susan.

[cue the crazy coincidental music]

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