Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rain, rain; came to stay

...Giving me time with VG today.

Alright, so the pentameter is off.  However, "this concerns me not," as one of my former managers would have said.

For those of you in the know, VGS is a project I have been working/not working on for a couple of years, now.  Lacking the sunshine necessary for finding and placing pieces will make today's efforts a little sketchy, but I am resigned to the idea of it somehow, and that feels very liberating.

Just an example of the block configuration. E8 is very different.
There are two 'squares' - or, patches (100 piece blocks) - that have been left largely untouched for the better part of a year, and I am picking up there. One was slightly more than 50% complete when I walked away last year sometime, and the other block was less than 20% laid out.  I am finding the return to matching colors difficult after such a lengthy lapse.  I will have to take my time to allow my eyes become familiar with the pallet once again - not an easy process.

I've not been in this portion of my brain for a while, so it will be a slow go for a bit.

Photos later.  For now, there is some picking up and sorting to do (a little cleaning) in order to get back into the swing of this particular quilt and its process.  Here are the notes I managed to unearth; they tell me where I left off precisely, and how far I've yet to go:
 ~ Left off on Row E, Column(s) 8 and 9 - '8' would be the 50% completed block I referred to earlier ~

It appears that I walked away mid-August last year.  Yikes!  So it has been nearly a year.  I'd made the notation that as of July 12th, 120 blocks remained to be put together for this quilt.  Somehow, I let my enthusiasm wane, and more's the pity.  In only 29 (and three partial squares), I will have HALF of the quilt complete.  Now that's a target worth sticking to for the summer.

Of course, 29 squares also means 2,900 pieces (not to mention the addition of those partial blocks, at 30 pieces each).

Be my cheering squad, won't you...shore me up and bolster me on?  What else have you got to do?

UPDATE - as of 5:30PM, EST
Ready to stitch block E8 together!  This process takes anywhere from 2.5 - 3 hours for seaming the perfectly square 1" pieces into rows, then the row-to-row joining, until at last . . . the one-hundred bits make a 5.5" square unit.   Stay tuned ~

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