Monday, June 15, 2015

Busy little bee

I've been busily dyeing silk ribbon, and have found a way to 'antique' the colors after the color is where I want it.  There aren't enough hours in the day any more to get much of it (or anything else of value) done before I (quite literally) drop dead at the end of a day, and very little time at the start of the day - before heading into the 'job' I've been able to land lately.

Suffice to say, I am dog-tired and bone weary much of the time, and still desire to stitch and piece blocks every free moment.  If I can manage a shower after a grimy, sweat-filled day, it's usually a struggle (directly after) to manage enough energy to brush my teeth and mount the stairs to bed.  Grabbing a needle is a rare opportunity these days.  Although, I do get a bit done here and there on Karl's school days!  A few hours a week, but it is a Godsend.

The last few hours of good stitching time were spent filling in the missing back row of petals on a large sunflower-like beauty.  There are only three more to finish, then I can be free of that monster.
Some days it's like wrestling a starfish

What are you working on?

By the way. . .
This will be the last crazy quilting post here on True North.  I may slip a photo in every now and then, but for real updates on CQ projects current or otherwise, please visit  Thanks!

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