Wednesday, July 22, 2015

E9 is complete

Yup . . . it is!

Forward momentum (at the expense of getting anything else done - most notably any garden work).  But it feels so good, especially since it's been one year since I last touched it.

Two-point-three blocks to go before I am really moving on.  Watch out, Row F - I'm comin' for ya!
From left to right these show: the loose pieces; the joined pieces; the same portion of an image I am re-creating.
This is a comparison shot showing the layout of the pieces and what it looks like sewn together.  One-hundred 1" postage stamp bits, stitched into one block (almost exactly) 5.5 inches square.

I should mention that the last photo, to the right, is much brighter ('yellower') than it really appears in person.  The lights in the sewing area bounce off paper, making it appear more vibrant than reality.  Fear not, I haven't lost my color-sense.

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