Wednesday, July 29, 2015

UPDATED - 10 pieces to go

That is . . . ten pieces if I don't get caught up in replacing/swapping some of the pieces already placed for things I think are better.  I can kill a lot of time doing the old swap-a-roo thing.

Deepest desire is to have this block stitched together (and dishes washed) before I have to leave the house this afternoon.

Finger's crossed.


Thursday, 7/30 10:28 AM
Guess I didn't cross my appendages hard enough, because I ran out of time before running out of spots to fill (and yes, I did wind up swapping a few things here and I definitely put myself way behind in the process).

HOWEVER, I placed the last of everything for E10 a few moments ago, and will head to the sewing machine to 'put the pedal down' - completing E10 this morning - as soon as I finish this update.  With any luck, I will get a good start laying out E11 and E11.3 before losing too much of this gorgeous light.  Perhaps this weekend will find me assembling the final 130 pieces into a block, and then stitching the entire E row together.  Wouldn't that be grand!?!  I will keep you updated . . . but hopefully there will be a photo to prove the accomplishment, and then a huge move forward for August!

What are you working on?

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