Sunday, March 1, 2015

Frustration is . . .

Somewhere in this house is an overabundant supply of Caron Watercolours.

I do not know, and I spent entirely too much time yesterday looking for them.

Did I become distracted and begin other little tasks during the search?
You bet I did (who doesn't?) - I even managed to clean out a corner and sort through (and toss out) some papers I had saved to read for "another time," a small stack of quilting catalogs, and some old receipts.

Did that provide at least a sense of accomplishment?
No, oddly enough, that was not satisfying in the least.

I completed French-knotting the portion of a sunflower I want to create on my latest project, and I would like to move on to weaving the petals using one of my Caron Perle cottons.

However, it looks as though I am going to have to 'forgehdaboudit' and use something else instead.  Not an easy thought.  My heart and my brain were settled on a 'toothy' Perle cotton with which to make those petals, so an alternate must be found and decided upon.


You know...the sad/odd/unfortunate/strange/probably true part of this whole thing?  Most likely, I don't have a Watercolour in my stash of 'unfindables' that would fit the requirements, anyway.  But it would still be nice to find the silly things.

I know you know what I'm saying.

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