Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Okay, I fixed it

Not entirely certain how yesterday's entry became so fouled up.  Sentence fragments floating all over the place, mucking up the content.  I had a hard time understanding me, and I wrote it!

[smacking forehead]

Anyhow, the fix is in and "Changed my mind" reads intelligently now.  Sorry about the brain twister.

Oh, and I did rework that first petal (three times, but I am now content!), and it looks pretty good, too.  Not only that, but I added another three full petals, and am currently weaving a fifth.  That will be complete tonight, and then tomorrow I hope to use the entire day to finish it off.

Thinking about having my head examined because I am toying with the notion of adding another layer behind it all.  Yup, another layer.  Before I begin, though, I will mull it over a bit and give myself a break from that task.  Thankfully, this quilt isn't Rome, and it doesn't need to be built in a day.

What are you up too?

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