Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Changed my mind

...but knot for the first time.

Get it?  "Knot" for the . . . heh.
I crack me up.

Yeah, I 'un-wove' this petal - and I'm itching to get back to 'reweaving' it using my second color choice, as I can't quickly set my hands on the palest of pale blue #5 Perle cotton.  And YES, I am refusing to use #8 as the alternative - even though I do possess a nearly full ball of DMC in the perfect color (in an eight).  Wah.

See, I have my heart (and brain) set on a thick weave for this flower.
Am I wrong?
Should I have gone with a size eight?

Oh, I don't know.

I trekked out yesterday with the intention of buying ONLY that darned light, light, lighter-than-light blue in a skein of #5, but of course - the local stores were a complete letdown.  Only guilt prevented me from driving another 27 miles (one way) and back to stop into a real LQS to obtain the perfect thing.

Rats!  Crap!  Darn it all!  I should know by now to always follow my heart - it is tied directly to my instincts.  Ah, well.

I do know, though, that the variegated was absolutely wrong for it, so it was the right thing to undo.

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